FAQ よくあるご質問

Questions related to Design, Construction and Budget 設計及び費用に関するよくある質問



If I request supermaniac Inc. to do a design, will the overall budget be high?

No. We always try hard to keep the budget reasonable and low as possible by sharing our knowledge and experience with the construction company. In doing so we have been able to succeed to keep the final budget lower with many of our projects.



So how much is it going to cost?

It depends on the size of space and business order, so we can’t give you an exact number without any detail. At first, we will have a meeting to get a more detailed scope of the project and see the actual site, and then we will give you an estimate for your project.


例えば飲食店であれば、「もっと組数を取りたい」「今よりもっと目立つ外装にしたい」とお考えの場合の ご依頼も多くお受けしております。その他に、物販店の什器(家具)計画等のご依頼もお受け致します。

Does supermaniac Inc. do a partial remodeling project?

Yes, many of our clients come to us with such requests: for example, planning and designing a facade, a display case for retail stores, and etc.

Questions related to Design, Construction and Budget 設計及び費用に関するよくある質問



How much can supermaniac Inc. do other than design?

We are capable of being involved in your project from the initial planning all the way up to the store opening. We offer such services as site study, concept making, consulting on business category development, naming, graphic design of logo and goods.*after making a contract, all consulting and advice will be free of charge, but there will be a fee for graphic design.



I heard that projects by supermaniac Inc. are always exposed in various media. Is that true?

Yes, but we can’t promise every project will be.