Concept コンセプト



A concept is necessary to produce all kinds of things.

A concept is the start of creation and it is also a important factor that controls where the project is going.We believe that the origin of a word “CONCEPT “is “CONCEPTION.”
Just like people meet and fall in love, make love, conceive, give birth, and raise a baby, business also starts from an encounter and conception and creation of a new business model, so concept can’t be a superficial word. It has to be a consequence of an encounter and mutual trust with a clearly shared vision. You don’t have to think hard to make a concept because it will naturally exist in front of you. Without a clear vision and principal, a concept will not be “born.”
A company or people without a philosophy will not succeed in developing a long-lasting business and face more risks. As our history proves, all the things people imagined in the past have come into being, but convincing philosophy and clear principal must be there to turn our imaginations into a reality.
A concept with a story will attract people’s sympathy and create a big commune. As a project moves forward, you might have to make adjustments but you must avoid making your concept weak or changing it completely. A concept is not a superficial thing but it is a resource that embodies the power within and it will lead us to a quest for raison d’être.